About us

Fabbula is a cultural practice dedicated to the idea of worlding with digital media: Virtual Reality, Open Worlds, Online Streams. We curate exhibitions, represent artists, produce virtual worlds and immersive fabulations.



In 2016, Fabbula was born from the intuition that virtual realities are a practice ground for worlding a “thicker present”, opening up outcomes in the actual world. In the hands of contemporary artists, thinkers and activists, immersive virtual worlds become speculative fabulations with great transformative potential. Inspired by contemporary thinkers such as Donna Haraway, Isabelle Stengers and Vinciane Despret, Fabbula supports experiences and worlds who have us rethink human inheritances and profound relationships with the non-human and help us journey away from anthropocentric worldview and politics.

What we do


We disseminate the artworks of artists and collectives such as Vinciane Despret, Mélodie Mousset, Lauren Moffatt, Rindon Johnson, Marshmallow Laser Feast and DiMoDA.
We curate and produce art shows (Les Ailleurs, Palais Augmenté, Devenirs Terrestres, Rencontres d’Arles) and advise public and private actors (Institut français, CNC, Fisheye, Atlas V).
We also publish printed, video and audio editorials about worlding and fabulation in the virtual age with our partners Klima, Immersion and Fisheye, and regularly run workshops and lectures in art schools such as ECAL in Lausanne, ERG in Brussels, ENSAD in Paris, Le Fresnoy in Tourcoing and Sciences Po Paris.


We commission and produce large scale digital artworks, translating radical thoughts into multi-sensory experiences with ou curatorial programs such as Worlding with the trouble. 
Our recent productions include Flowers for Suzanne Clair by Lauren Moffat, May the moon meet us apart, may the sun meet us together by Rindon Johnson, and Phonocene by Vinciane Despret, Mélanie Courtinat, Antoine Bertin and Fabien Siouffi.

Who we are

Fabien Siouffi

Fabbula is the brainchild of Fabien Siouffi, a 20 years experienced international executive in the interactive entertainment sector (Activision-Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games), now gone indie and focused on giving a voice and platform for artists, thinkers and activists working with immersive media.


Victoire Thevenin

Victoire joins Fabbula in 2020 and brings with her years of experience in international sales of arthouse cinema at MK2 and VR productions at MK2 VR. Lately she has been the director of the VR Arles Festival and residency, a role she continues to hold at Fabbula. As a primary contact of institutions, Victoire plants the seeds of Worlding with online and offline.


Aurore Kinzonzi

For her design graduation at Duperré, Aurore was already fabulating within a virtual world. She joins Fabbula in 2018 after stints at Groupe CCC and Golgotha. Here, she juggles with hats of Art Director, online galerist and commissioner for Fabbula projects, in particular initiating the Worlding with the trouble and Give me some space curatorial platforms.


Valentin Ducros

Valentin has collaborated with studios and producers at the crossroads of virtual reality and theatre, cinema, photography, and contemporary arts. His experience includes working at several festivals such as Festival d’Avignon, Tribeca Film Festival, Sundance New Frontier and VR Arles. He joins Fabbula in 2020 in charge of our exhibition and curation services as well as our online diffusion.

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