About us

Fabbula is a cultural practice dedicated to immersive media ie Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

We produce, curate and write on how artists, hackers & social activists, shape an immersive and experiential language capable of telling new stories and experiences.

Fabbula is the brainchild of Fabien Siouffi, a 20 years experienced international executive in the interactive entertainment sector (Activision-Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games), now gone indie and focused on giving a voice and platform for artists and creative professionals working with immersive and interactive medias.

Our Services


Fabbula produces VR artworks, installations, websites, events, documentary movies and workshops on immersive media.

  • // Conceptor and ongoing provider of Culture VR, the online platform of the french VR cultural ecosystem in France, and futurlivre.fr, dedicated to digital litterature.
  • // Fabbula is the conceptor and ongoing provider of futurimage.fr, which regroups all digital creations in France
  • // For IAM festival 2017, Fabbula produced Possible Worlds, a VR art installation created by 5 international digital artists featuring a dedicated architecture, theatrics and costumes.
  • // Fabbula is the co-producer of Donna Haraway, Storytelling for Earthly Survival a documentary by Fabrizio Terranova with Donna Haraway. The 90’ film is the first featuring one of the leading thinker of our times and is currently touring in a growing number of dates worldwide, including Tate Modern in London and Stedeljik museum in Amsterdam. “A playful and candid portrait of one of the most important living thinkers” Tate Modern, London


Fabbula commissions and curates immersives experiences for exhibitions and festivals, publish a magazine and a newsletter, organize workshops in schools, agencies, companies and institutions.

  • Fabbula is the VR curator of VR Arles Festival 2018, a VR art show attended by 35,000  spectators during july and august , AMAZE Berlin 2017 and IAM weekend Barcelona 2017.
  • // Creative VR Jam. Fabbula organizes the Give me some (VR) space! events, which enable artists and creative professionals with VR. First edition gathered 70 artists over 2 days in Hangar, the art production center of Barcelona /
  • // Printemps du Virtuel is Fabbula’s event dedicated to VR culture in Paris and feature exclusive installations from digital artists engaging with the VR medium. The 1st Printemps du Virtuel was held in March 2016 and hosted the then little known creators of Notes on Blindness, Drift, I Philip & DMZ, for a one day festival of VR culture, talks, demos in Parisian arts center (Espace Khiasma).


Publications, Conferences & Workshops

Fabbula editorial team publishes in print and online , english and french, always on immersive media

  • // Fabbula is the invited editor-in-chief of the 100 pages special issue on VR creation published by Fisheye magazine. The publication is available in all french newsstands from july to October 2018.
  • // Editor of Fabbula.com an online publication dedicated to creative VR.

Fabbula organises and host conferences dedicated to immersive media.

  • // VR Arles Festival. Hosting and moderating 5 conferences sessions with VR Artists such as Marshmallow Laser Feast, Rosa Menkman, Dimoda, etc)
  • // R7AL (Festival du film de Lausanne). Hosting and moderating 4 conferences sessions with VR companies, studios and artists
  • Possible Worlds Lecture at Le Fresnoy Art School. November 2017
  • Uni-XR. Hosting and moderating 3 plenary sessions of UNI-XR think tank, including keynotes and roundtable panels
  • Amaze Berlin; Hosting and moderating the Other Realities section of Amaze 2017
  • IAM Festival. Possible Worlds in VR. Barcelona, April 2017
  • Relectures Paris Narration Spéculative et jeu vidéo

Fabbula’s workshop service consults with cultural companies and academic institutions to deliver lectures and workshops on VR. In 2017, Fabbula worked with Le Fresnoy (Visual Arts), Ensad and Polytechnique in France.

  • La réalité virtuelle au soin des possibles. January 2018, for the launch event of the Art+Science curriculum by Ecole Polytechnique and ENSAD art school in Paris. Avec Ferdinand Dervieux (Sharpsense) et Sarah Garçin (G.U.I)
  • Creating realities : pushing the boundaries of experiential media. A 2 days lecture and workshop with design students at the DSAA Paris Boulogne. With Innerspace VR.
  • Writing your own video game. Storytelling and video game making. A workshop for KHIASMA Paris.
  • Speculative fabulation and video games. A 5 days lecture and workshop at the art school ERG in Brussels.

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