Fabbula is a magazine about Virtual Reality.  It reports on how the Virtual fabulates the Real, inspire us to make new experiences and augment our perceptions.

Fabbula readers will also find interviews and analysis on the practices, language and culture of VR, as well as a curated review of meaningful VR experiences.


Founder, Editor in Chief: Fabien Siouffi. contact@fabbula.com

Issue 2 – Virtual Fictions, stories in VR.

Featuring: Donna Haraway, Hayoun Kwon, Natacha Merritt, Ferdinand Dervieux & Aby Batti, Arnaud Colinart, Pierre Zandrowicz & Antoine Cayrol, Marie Blondiaux & Charles Ayats & Armand Lemarchand & UMTBH.

Art: Julia Spiers, Ferdinand Dervieux, Nicolò Giacomin, Camille Besançon.

Social: Irene Vilchez Cañizares


Issue 1 – What is Virtual Reality, a collective definition.

Featuring:  Marshmallow Laser Feast, Didier Debaise, Natacha Merritt, Vincent Bergerat, Alice Rivières.

Illustration: Rob Pybus


Design, coding and editorial support: Résidence Mixte Paris, France. Thanks Fanny Knusmann, Cécile Angibault, Marie Guillaumet, Marine Etoubleau, Pauline Musereau, Pierre-Antoine Coupu, Julien Siouffi, Amir Habibi.


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