Collective Play

Octobre Numérique - Faire Monde 2022, ACCM, Arles, Actes Sud, Chroniques Biennale, Extramentale, Fabbula

In 2022, for the second year, Fabbula was the artistic director of Octobre Numérique – Faire Monde, a festival in Arles, France, exploring more inclusive, open and sustainable virtual worlds.

The theme of this second edition, Collective play, highlighted virtual practices that create relationships through exhibitions, performances, workshops and conferences held in emblematic places of the city of Arles.


Collective Play
Group Show

Collective Play, Group Show, exhibition view, Église Sainte-Anne, Arles, 2022

Collective Play, Group Show, exhibition view, Église Sainte-Anne, Arles, 2022

Collective Play, Group Show, exhibition view, Église Sainte-Anne, Arles, 2022

The exhibition Collective Play presents the multiple ways in which collectives seize video games and virtual worlds to change their world. 8 invited curators present a video game or a virtual world born from a collective initiative or a will to share. The game becomes the place of affirmation of a “community self”, of manufacture of new collective imaginary, of bewitching experiences, or the place of a reconnection with nature.

Invited curators:
Banlieue du Turfu, Extramentale, Fabbula, L.E.V. Matadero, NeuroDungeon, New Art City, Serpentine et Tezos.

Exhibited artists:
Velvet Aubry, Sammie Veeler, Heesoo Kwon, Henrique Fagundes, Ava Wanbli, Makan Fofana et Hugo Pilate, Boris Divider, Elías Merino et Sergio Millán, Fractal Fantasy, MHSR, NAXS Corp. & Meuko! Meuko!, Robert Lippok et Lucas Gutierrez, Sabrina Ratté, ¥€$Si PERSE, TRUST (Calum Bowden, Will Freudenheim, Joanna Pope).


On ne peut empêcher les oiseaux...
A solo show by u2p050

u2p050, On ne peut empêcher les oiseaux…, exhibition view, Église des Trinitaires, Arles, 2022

u2p050, On ne peut empêcher les oiseaux…, 2022

On ne peut empêcher les oiseaux… is a multimedia and plastic installation created by the creative studio u2p050, in collaboration with the scenographer Amalia Jaulin.

The installation offers the public an experience that allows them to see and think about the multiplicity of metaphysics that are entangled where no point of view among the plankton, the pink flamingo and the pope prevails over the others. None at all. In this way, the exhibition hopes to bring the visitor into contact with the philosophical concept of the multi-perspectivist. To conduct this exploration, u2p050 worked at the Vieux Salins d’Hyères, a natural area of great ecological diversity, both human and non-human.

On ne peut empêcher les oiseaux… is produced with the support of the Mondes Nouveaux program of the Ministry of Culture.

Faire Monde (AR)
Group Show

ONFM 2022, Faire Monde (AR), Lauren Moffatt, Seeing / Unseen.

ONFM 2022, Faire Monde (AR), Theo Triantafyllidis, Genius Loci.

ONFM 2022, Faire Monde (AR), Velvet Aubry, Cyber Lewdness Generator.

Throughout the years, Octobre Numérique – Faire Monde unveils a selection of augmented reality works visible in public space and accessible freely from its Faire Monde (AR) app. In October 2022, augmented reality artworks by La Banlieue du TURFU, Lauren Moffatt, Sammie Veeler, Theo Triantafyllidis, Velvet Aubry and u2p50 opened the festival season.

Faire Monde (AR) is developed with the support of the City of Arles and Bouches-du-Rhône Department.

From October 5th to 7th,
3 days of opening

ONFM 2022 – Eva Jäger & Tamar Clarke-Brown (Serpentine Arts Technologies), Will Freudenheim & Calum Bowden (Trust).

ONFM 2022 – u2p050, Amalia Jaulin & Ines Grandet.

ONFM 2022, Performance Sosa × Trust, presented by Serpentine Arts Technologies.

ONFM 2022 – Marie Leblanc Flanagan.

ONFM 2022 – Kristina Leipold (Light Art Space).

ONFM 2022 – Workshop Banlieue du Turfu × Barriol neighborhood

ONFM 2022 – Fabien Siouffi, Mélanie Courtinat, Jonathan Coryn.

ONFM 2022 – Fabien Siouffi, Velvet Aubry, Morgan Labar.

ONFM 2022 – Diner, Croisière, Arles.

Empowering virtual worlds, cooperative and sustainable blockchain, alternative fictions for the metaverse, the 3 opening days at Théâtre d’Arles brought together artists, researchers, international experts and technology companies for conferences and in-depth workshops in a convivial setting.

Speakers: Jakob Kudsk Steensen (artist) & Lugh O’Neil (composer and spatial sound designer), Tamar Clarke-Brown & Eva Jäger (Serpentine Arts Technologies), Calum Bowden & Will Freudenheim (TRUST), Makan Fofana & Hugo Pilate (Banlieue du Turfu), Kristina Leipold (Light Art Space), Mélanie Courtinat (artist), Jonathan Coryn (game designer), Diane Drubay (Tezos), Penny Rafferty (writer and researcher – Black Swan DAO), Sammie Veeler (New Art City), Anika Meier (writer and curator), Manuel Rossner (artist), Mathieu Muller (Unity), Landia Egal (Tiny Planets), Arnaud Dressen (Wonda VR), Isabelle Arvers (artist and curator), Marie Leblanc Flanagan (artist), Mathieu Rozières (Dark Euphoria), u2p050 (studio), Stella Jacob (artist and game designer), Naïm Zriouel (L’Épopée), among others.


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About the festival

Since 2021, the Communauté d’Agglomération Arles Crau Camargue Montagnette (ACCM) has entrusted the Faire Monde association with the organization of Octobre Numérique, within the framework of a call for projects.

The objectives of the festival are to promote and develop the know-how of local companies in the “Cultural and Creative Industries” sector, to strengthen the influence of the region and to make a reference digital event at the regional and national level.

Faire Monde is a non-profit association bringing together cultural and technological actors such as Actes Sud, the Biennale Chroniques, Extramentale and Fabbula.

Fabbula is a cultural practice dedicated to immersive media (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality). We curate art shows, represent artists and advise cultural institutions.