What a future with ubiquitous VR looks like?

By Fabien

Review of “Stor Eiglass” a VR music video made by Marshmallow Laser Feast for Squarepusher’s 2015 album.

It all begins with what sounds like the melody of Just Like Heaven by The Cure… And it’s off to heaven you go! Pink brains come at you as you jetpack yourself over a futuristic city straight out of a psychedelic 70s cartoon. The future is, of course, a consumer paradise and a zeppelin welcomes you with an advertisements for adult diapers: “Keep dreamin’ dry”. Other billboards focus on buttock gels (“Arse be calm”) and eye drops. WTF ?
Is this because pretty much every VR headset holder seems to spend all day tripping and jerking their bodies under a fixed pod?
Soon these shiny pictures falter, just like the hippy movement took a wrong turn when everyone got hooked on hard drugs. VR trippers get mysteriously vacuumed up by a dark spaceship. I’ll let you find out what happens once you’re inside. Hint: it’s damn psychedelic!

London-based illustrator Rob Pybus teamed up with Marshmallow Laser Feast to create a unique VR experience. To accompany the latest track from Squarepusher’s acclaimed album Damogen Furies, the folks at MLF built one of the best VR experience around: a great sense of scale, effective 3D stereoscopy (check out those pink brains!), inspired artistic direction and a generous dose of cultural references e.g. body movements inspired by QWOP, Bennet Foddy’s merciless running game.

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