Shooting in VR chronicles #2, July 2015. Natacha Merritt diary.

Shooting VR erotica. Natacha Merritt diary #2 in Fabbula

By Natacha Merritt

Karoline is a bitch. She’s amazing and wide and shiny and yellow but she has her own set of issues that almost make me miss Rickety. She sits bravely on her butt spread apart, she’s tied down with screws and zip ties tied to my scuba gear head mask. But she really really worked us over.

Everything was set up — the day scheduled down to the minute. The confessional booth was perfectly lit, with just the right amount of red tint. And that’s when she started to get pissed. She couldn’t handle the scene in the booth, she couldn’t manage to record through the grate. Every time the erection was perfect, the oil shining just right and everything starting to roll the camera would cry, beep and stop recording. With the frustrating message: slow. Turns out the system couldn’t manage to complex data focal planes and write fast enough to the card. We changed cards, formatted, trying everything to not lose this moment! Dripping with sweat, sizzling hot lights and horny models whose excitement was visibly evolving into annoyance. We took emergency measures, threw the blushing flustered muses down on a futon at the center of the chapel. Time to improvise to save the magic of the moment. The cameras then worked just fine. We made passionate love, played the piano and yes, it was worth the wait. We all held our breath as she came without a beep.