Erotica and VR. Natacha Merritt diary, #1. February 2015.

Virtual Reality Erotica. Natacha Merritt. 2016

By Natacha Merritt

About this story. Fab: Back in the late 90’s I thought digital cameras were crap. Analog had so much more charisma, materiality, presence. Then I saw Natacha Merritt pictures. Powerful, intimate, warm even. Natacha used her digital cameras everywhere and with everyone, pioneering a creative process that have become ubiquitous. Just ask the girls and guys sharing their intimate lives on Tumblr.

Fans rejoice, as 20 years later, Natacha falls in love with Virtual Reality.

Fabbula publishes her diary.

N. Merritt. I have a hard time going to bed without him. I wear him when I masturbate, or when I take a bath. So sexy with his exposed parts, barely covered in rubber. His lenses nicely spread apart, thick and just a little bit askew. You hold him and you know that a machine didn’t make him, someone’s hands did, and imperfect analog measurements with rulers.

I’m charmed by his power over the present. the fact that he may be able to transport me back to now — to the moment I’m using him. He’s as impressive as one of the first cameras must have felt in the hands of someone who had never seen a photograph.

I’m as inspired as when I shot “Digital Diaries”using the first digital cameras. It reminds me of when I first downloaded digital images to my first generation iMac. (or macII?) the scripts to bring its content into unity don’t work yet for mac.
it has taken me most of the day to get Rickety to even record on both left and right microchips. I finally understood that a flashing orange green on the left side and an solid orange on the right side is the only way to know that both streams are actually recording. The time code is a little off but can be synced in both.

With this camera — no this tool, I am master of time. I have all my models wear it, and then I can enter their bodies and be them, or one day enter my own again, and feel these beautiful fleeting moments again.”


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