Fabbula x VR Arles 2019

This year again Fabbula is the Artistic Advisor of the VR Arles Festival. From July 1st to August 25th, 2019, the VR Festival is part of the official program of Rencontres photographiques d’Arles, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.


The VR Arles Festival

For its fourth edition, VR Arles Festival once again gives the floor to the best  directors and artists working with Virtual Reality. A panorama composed of 18 immersive media artworks will be shown throughout the summer in the old town at the Saint-Césaire convent.

A day of conferences, Les Rencontres du Virtuel, will be held on July 5th in the presence of artists exhibited.


Exhibited works

  • HanaHana : Multi-bloom, Mélodie Mousset, 2019, Switzerland. French premiere. WINNER OF 2019 VR ARLES’ PRIZE FOR BEST ARTISTIC VR WORK
  • RE-ANIMATED by Jakob Kudsk Steensen, 2018. French premiere.WINNER OF 2019 VR ARLES’ JURY PRIZE
  • Psychosis, AES+F, Mixed reality installation, 2018, Russia. European premiere
  • Emergence, Universal Everything,VR experience, 2019, US / England. European premiere
  • 7 Alchimies in Virtual Reality, Julio Le Parc, VR experience, 2017, France
  • Fever, Karolina Markiewicz & Pascal Piron,VR experience, 2019, Luxembourg. French premiere
  • Afterimage for Tomorrow, Singing Chen, 2018, Taïwan


Detailed Program


Lead Artist: Singing Chen / Production: Funique VR Studio
2018 / Taiwan / 18 min

In Afterimage for Tomorrow, director Singing Chen collaborates with choreographer Shou-Yi Chou to perform the ineffable in memories. Persistence of vision; when an object in rapid motion vanishes from sight the human brain creates 0.1–0.4 seconds of optical illusion. This metafiction film sets in a futuristic world, where memories can be uploaded and perpetuated, leads to the discussion of what in life is worth storing.



Lead Artist: Matt Pyke / Production: Universal Everything
2019 / England, United States

Enter an open-world environment, expressing the primal desire to maintain your individual identity whilst being part of a crowd. Showing 5,000+ intelligent human behaviors, this powerful VR experience is made possible by advanced graphics technology.



Lead Artist: Mélodie Mousset
2019 / Switzerland / Multi-users

Immersed in an otherworldly desert and haunting soundscape, the player experiences a call to adventure and creativity using his life force to seed the landscape with giant hands which bloom and unfurl like flowers.

He or she can cultivate this bizarre wilderness and create the most unexpected hallucinatory constructions limited only by one’s imagination. Unleash your creativity in a unique and poignant collaborative art-piece where virtual reality merges with the subconscious for a thrilling and disturbing journey into your mind, body and senses.



Lead Artist : Jakob Kudsk Steensen / Production : Erratic Animist
2018, United States, 15 min, English

RE-ANIMATED is based on the last Kauai’O’o bird, whose 1987 death marked the extinction of its species. In 2009, its mating call was uploaded to YouTube. Since then, the song of the Kauai’O’o calling hopelessly to a mate has been played almost a million times. RE-ANIMATED is a reimagining of the bird and its song, which here inhabit a distorted reconstruction of the bird’s original habitat. The experience provokes fresh perspectives on our ecological future, which is now at odds with our present reality.



VR Arles Festival
July 1 – August 25, 2019
Couvent Saint Césaire
Impasse de Mourgues
13 200 Arles

For more informations visit the website of VR Arles Festival

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