Issue 01

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Issue 01


Virtual Reality, VR. It’all very exciting but what is it exactly? And what does it really do for me?

For this inception issue, Fabbula asked these questions to a kid, an artist, a writer, and a philosopher. We went around Europe asking VR creators and storytellers how the new medium affects them.

So what did we found out? VR is the reality you choose for yourself: a safe place, a god shaped hole, a dragonfly, a transgression, an hallucination, an alter body, a woman, a lover.

What a 7 years old told me about VR

Quite a few parents are worried about VR. Will the kids make the difference between “virtual” and “real” reality? Will…

VR: A plunge inside self

Alice Rivières first appeared in a Emilie Hermant’s 2009 novel, Réveiller l’aurore, in which she describes finding out that she…